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How we came to be

Here's a little history about how this ministry came to be.

Jon and Nicole, our co-founders, both grew up in outskirt towns of the Fargo-Moorhead area and have always enjoyed serving those in need. This ministry was born out of the opportunity to help others have a basic self care item that many, ourselves included, tend to overlook from time to time.

In July 2018, a friend was sending photo updates of their work on a mission trip to Tanzania, Africa. One of the photos, was a group of children with pure joy on their faces. The caption indicated they had just spent 45 minutes in a lesson, in which they received a toothbrush and lesson on how to care for their teeth. Our hearts were immediately full from their joy, and also extremely convicted that we take for granted the offer of a free toothbrush when visiting the local dentist.  We thought, what if we could give this free toothbrush to someone who needs one?  and what if others wanted to do the same?

This vision quickly transformed from an idea, to the collective creation of the Toothbrush Ministries, within about a two week window. Since then, we have been constantly reassured that we should pursue the vision for this ministry.


In addition to the work of our co-founders, there are a tremendous amount of people supporting our vision in making this possible. We invite you to join our cause, and be a part of something that will impact our local community and the world. We are thrilled for this ministry to flourish, and to see its potential unfold. We would love if you came along side us as we work to bring smiles to so many, one brush at a time.

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